Fun Halloween

For Student program term 4/2015, LBPP LIA Malang held a Fun Halloween : Lipsync Competition on October 30th. In this event students of English for Adults and Conversation Programs took part and explored their creativity [ selengkapnya ]

Native Speaker Program

LBPP LIA MalangĀ  always tries the best to increase its students' English skills LBPP LIA Malang has a program to facilitate students in speaking with a native speaker. It is expected that students speak English more confidently. These pictures show students' enthusiasm in interacting with Jan-Hendrik Eisenbarth. [ selengkapnya ]

Independence Day 2015

To celebrate the 70th Indonesian Independence Day, LBPP LIA Malang students join eating chips competition, nails into bottle, and survivor game. All teachers and staffs also join the joy of the celebration. [ selengkapnya ]

Halloween Costume Party 2014

It was a long and winding road just like The Beatles said, but we've finally finished the biggest student program in 2014. We would like to thank all of the people who are involved in the process of making this dream came true. Thank you for the visitors, thank you for the police officers who kept the peace while the party was going on, thank you for the parking attendants who kept our vehicles sa [ selengkapnya ]

Get Ready For Halloween 2014

Hi guys! Get ready for the upcoming Halloween Party at LIA Malang. Prepare your costumes now and join the party!! Venue : LIA Malang, Jl Panglima Sudirman 77 (near Rampal) Time  : Oct 31 2014, 6 pm - as long as it takes What to see : WE'VE GOT HAUNTED HOUSE, COOL HORROR SHOWS, AND BAZAAR. OPEN FOR PUBLIC!! If you want to join just wear your costume and you are good to go. WE'LL S [ selengkapnya ]