Parents Day 2017

Despite the modern life, preserving our cultural tradition is a must.  "Grebeg Sabrang", the mask dance originated from Malang, was danced by Putri Rahma Aisyah, a student of EC-3B on LIA EC Parent's Day 2017. Not only traditional dances but a ballet dancing called "Black Swan" was also performed gracefully by another talented EC student, Jasmine, EC-4B on LIA EC Parent's Day 2017. Creativity i [ selengkapnya ]

Academic Calendar of Language Programs term 1702

For General & ISP Programs                                                                                                                                                                                         [ selengkapnya ]


STUDENT PROGRAMS IN LB LIA MALANG 2016 - LB LIA provides an opportunity for students to learn a foreign culture such as Halloween. On this occasion, students can express their creativity using their English to gain an impressive experience. In 2016, LB LIA held “HALLOWEEN FUN FAIR”. In this event, students made not only a haunted house but also game booths and visitors could play by buying [ selengkapnya ]

Fun Halloween

For Student program term 4/2015, LBPP LIA Malang held a Fun Halloween : Lipsync Competition on October 30th. In this event students of English for Adults and Conversation Programs took part and explored their creativity [ selengkapnya ]

Native Speaker Program

LBPP LIA Malang  always tries the best to increase its students' English skills LBPP LIA Malang has a program to facilitate students in speaking with a native speaker. It is expected that students speak English more confidently. These pictures show students' enthusiasm in interacting with Jan-Hendrik Eisenbarth. [ selengkapnya ]