Eating is supposed to be a pleasant experience. Not only is food needed as a source of energy, but also as a source of satisfaction and happiness. So, you should choose carefully where to eat.

      1.   Choose an eating place close to the location of your house

Choosing a farway eating place will make your stomach suffer from increasing hunger. Moreover, if it takes too long to go back to your place, by the time you’re home you’ll feel hungry again. Hunger makes you unhappy

2.   Find a place that goes along with your stomach condition

If you’are allergic to shrimp, don’t go to a seafood resto. It will only result in itchy skin or a sick feeling

3.   Go to an eatery that serves your fave dishes

This way, you can avoid wasting time choosing from the menu. Also, waiting too long for the food arrive will make you restless and unhappy

4.   Checking the price list first

This point is very crucial when you’re on a tight budget. Make sure you have enough dough in your wallet if you want to go a fancy diner

    .     5.   Browse other customers’ comments on the Internet

To guarantee satisfaction at the dining place you’re considering, check what other people say about it on the internet, or ask your friends for a recommendation

         6.   Learn to accept the consequences of your choice

Sometimes things don’t go our way. If the food turns out to be disappointing, just take a deep breath, think of your happy moments, remember other people who are less fortunate than you are, and smile! and the world will smile with you 

7.      Eat together with some cheerful friends

Don’t go to a new place with grumpy, ungrateful friends. Rather, ask to join you only those cheerful positive pals who will make your day, even if the food isn’t really to your taste


Cr : Fia, Cool ‘n Smart English Magazine Vol. 20


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