The English Proficiency Test (EPT™ LIA) is a TOEFL® PBT equivalent test written by the LIA Language Institute to measure one’s English proficiency in three main areas, namely: listening comprehension, structure and written expression, and reading comprehension. The EPT™ LIA test provides an accurate prediction of the TOEFL® PBT score, so that until now it is still believed to be a valid measurement tool for various selection purposes for government, private institutions, and academic education. Initiated since 1977, the EPT™ LIA test has helped map the English proficiency of hundreds of thousands of test takers from all over Indonesia


The EPT™ LIA test has assisted in the recruitment and promotion process for employees in companies and government agencies. Likewise in various public and private educational institutions, the EPT™ LIA test has been widely used as a requirement in the selection process for admitting new students as well as the graduation process for final year students.


Test material includes Listening, Structure, Writing, and Reading with Interview and Essay Writing as the optional tests.

Test material

·         Listening Comprehension is to measure the test taker's ability to understand an English conversation or monologue, in a variety of topics and situations.

Time : 30 minute

Questions consist of 3 parts:

1.      Understanding Short Conversations (30 questions)

2.      Understanding Longer Conversations (8 questions)

3.      Understanding Short Talks (12 questions)

·         Structure and Written Expression is to measure the test taker's ability to understand the correct structure or grammar in written English.

Time : 25 minute

Questions consist of 2 parts :

1.      Sentence Completion (15 questions)

2.      Written Expression (25 questions)

·         Reading Comprehension is to measure the test taker's ability to understand English reading from various sources: textbooks, magazines, scientific journals, encyclopedias, and so on.

Time : 55 minute

Questions consist of 5-9 readings with various topics. Each reading will be followed by comprehension questions (total number of questions: 50)



All EPT test takers must come to LIA Malang with their ID cards and stationery. Both onsite and online tests are carried out at LIA Malang. Test results will be completed within 7 working days after the test date. Test takers who take the test at LB LIA Pengadegan on Wednesday, can get the results in 1 working day.


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