Parents Day 2017

Parents Day 2017

Despite the modern life, preserving our cultural tradition is a must.  "Grebeg Sabrang", the mask dance originated from Malang, was danced by Putri Rahma Aisyah, a student of EC-3B on LIA EC Parent's Day 2017.

Not only traditional dances but a ballet dancing called "Black Swan" was also performed gracefully by another talented EC student, Jasmine, EC-4B on LIA EC Parent's Day 2017.

Creativity is one of the skills in 21st Century  that should be included in  the learning process.  This is one form of EC-3A students' creativity. Through a class discussion, they chose themselves  the song and dance to perform on LIA EC Parent's Day 2017.

Boosting EC students' confidence is one of LIA' s jobs.  Being invited to perform every year on EC parent's Day, students are expected to get used to talk in public.  In the picture, Ms. Kiki and Mr. Fuad as the teachers of EC-2B had to accompany the students so they could do their role play confidently on EC Parent's Day 2017.


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