Have you ever been in a situation where your shoes are smelly, slick, or hurtful to wear? You may feel uncomfortable, but don’t throw your shoes away just yet! Here are some tips to solve your shoe problems.


1. Use Baby Powder to Avoid Chafing

A new pair shoes usually hurts because they are still narrow and do not fit your feet yet. Sprinkle baby powder into   your shoes before you put them on to avoid chafing, but not too much, otherwise it can make your shoes will get slippery.


2.Teabag to Remove Shoe Odor

Odor is a major problem in shoes, especially leather shoes. This is because leather has a specific smell when it is mixed with sweat. But don’t worry, you can eliminate the odor by putting a teabag in each shoe. Leave the teabags overnights, the smell of your shoes will gone the next day. 

3. Wrap The Third And Fourth Toes to Avoid Heel Pain

For those who like to wear high heels, you may often feel pain in your toes because your feet have not adapted to the structure of the shoe soles. Wrap the third and fourth toes of the left and right foot to minimize the pain.


           4. Use Hair Dryer to Enlarge Shoes

Sometimes you regret buying a pair of shoes because the shoes are to tight and uncomfortable when you put them on. Use a hair dryer to enlarge your shoe. However, because the glue in the shoes is susceptible to heat, you have to be careful when doing it.

5. Use Sandpaper to Cope With Slippery Soles

If the soles are slippery, don’t throw the shoes away. Sandpaper can solve this problem. Just use sandpaper to rub your shoes out soles to make them rought, so they won’t be slippery anymore.

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