independence Day LB LIA Malang

In Commemorating 72nd indonesia independence Day , LB LIA Malang held some competitions for student, teacher and staff . The competitions were eating crackers , inserting a nail into a bottle and papping ballons , they really enjoyed the activities. [ selengkapnya ]

Parents Day 2017

Despite the modern life, preserving our cultural tradition is a must.  "Grebeg Sabrang", the mask dance originated from Malang, was danced by Putri Rahma Aisyah, a student of EC-3B on LIA EC Parent's Day 2017. Not only traditional dances but a ballet dancing called "Black Swan" was also performed gracefully by another talented EC student, Jasmine, EC-4B on LIA EC Parent's Day 2017. Creativity i [ selengkapnya ]

Academic Calendar of Language Programs term 1702

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